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Where memories start again


How it works?

Registering enables you to create your own account where you can store specific memories.

View My Life is split into 2 layers of memories: Life Moments and Life Blocks.

- A Life Moment is a moment in time - a specific memory in your life.
- A Life Block is a group of these moments - for example, your memories of school.

When you create a Life Block called School, the Life Moment could be the subjects you studied in a specific year – for example, year 8 which can be filled with photos or videos.

To create a Life Block simply click the right icon of your profile picture. A small menu will open and you press the 'My Life' button.

This will take you to the page where Life Blocks are created; by default there will already be 6 created for you.

By selecting any of the Life Moments, you open up the Life Block where you can add your Life Moments.

If want to check out your own memories or memories from someone else, you can go to the community section. When clicking this page, it shows you all the users.

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